The Power of Sleep Meditation

You are what you feel. And you sleep the way you feel.

I’ve always been of the belief that your feelings and emotions are deeply reflected in your sleep pattern. If you feel down, sad, stressed, or somehow just out of balance - you’re simply not able to find the necessary calm to be able to get a good night’s sleep. And while some people seem to be able to fall asleep at any time, anywhere - many are struggling with what otherwise may seem like a simple task. Falling asleep, which should be a calming experience, becomes a stressful source of worry for far too many, where the brain just doesn’t seem to want to shut off when your body tells it to.

If you are one of those people who spend too long trying to calm your body and align your brain with sleep (and honestly even if you’re not), I recommend listening to sleep meditation. With today’s technology, there are so many tools and apps that can help you - and as a sleep planner, I’ve tried many (SO MANY) of them. From sleep apps, to meditation apps to sleep and meditation products.

Achieving improved sleep is not just the sum of one single thing or product, and my sleep plans are always tailored around a number of different adjustments you can implement to reach your goals. But more often than not, it starts with learning how to be able to be in the moment. That’s where you can find peace of mind, relaxation and calm. And one of the most powerful tools to achieve being in the moment is meditation.

Every one of my sleep plans are personal and unique, as they are tailored for just the person or family they are made for. Recommending products and sleep tools is part of my job, and I always carefully hand-pick the tools or products I believe would work for you.

This week I want to share something that has helped me personally with relaxing on days that are more stressful and busy. I have partnered up with a friend, a beautiful soul that I have a deep respect for both as a person, and for her incredible knowledge when it comes to meditation.

Camilla Sacre Dallerup is a Meditation Coach, an Author, Hypnotherapist, and a Mind Wellness Coach. In Camilla's own words:

Camilla Sacre Dallerup
Camilla Sacre Dallerup

“- Sleep can be something we look forward to, a place to go to rest. Recharge and gain clarity to wake up refreshed every morning, but sometimes it takes a little training like anything else in life. That is why I have recorded this sleep meditation, to simply help make sleeping what it can be, blissful and dreamy. I am thrilled to collaborate with Christina and The Sleep Plan to share my meditations and create helpful hypnotic sleep tracks for The Sleep Plan’s Clients.”

Deep Sleep” by Camille Sacre Dallerup can be found on the app Insight Timer. This is a 20-minute meditation, which makes it the perfect length for bedtime, and I love the fact that it ends without making a sudden sound or a gong as many other meditation apps do… it simply eases you into sleep.

Sweet dreams!

Knus Knus (Danish hugs)