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Better Sleep, Better Life

Whenever I wrap up a program with a client, what makes me the most excited is to learn how the life of that particular client has changed over the course of our work together. Because this is the moment where you can truly see how much achieving improved sleep affects the overall quality of life - even in aspects that you might not expect initially.

Sleeping better is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to live better, spanning everything from health and nutrition to work and relationships. Recently I received this testimonial from Erika, a wonderful woman who had suffered from poor sleep quality for years before we started working together.

"A good night's sleep has alluded me for the last couple of years. Personal stressors for me such as daily living post-divorce and single parenting came to a head with the added pressures of life during COVID-19.

I woke several times a night, every night, and ate in a kind of half-awake, half-asleep state for two years. In the morning I was headachey, nauseous and groggy. I knew I had to get a handle on my sleep if I was going to provide my girls with a quality life as a present mother.

Christina has been nothing short of amazing in coaching me toward more consistent, quality sleep. She is kind, non-judgmental, and truly curious about my personal life as it relates to my sleep. After a conversation about my pre-bedtime habits AND my post wake up habits, she outlined a tailor-made, step-by-step routine for me to follow. Some ideas were common sense approaches while others were subtle reminders toward better self-care. I really appreciate how Christina followed up with me regularly to counsel me and make changes along the way.

The first time I slept through the night I woke elated and more "myself" than I had been in years! I highly recommend Christina. Sleep therapy is a financial investment well-worth the time!!!"

If you'd like to take control of your sleep and improve your life radically, reach out today and find out how I can help, or book your initial appointment here.

Knus Knus,