Sleep Better in 60 Minutes

The global pandemic continues to create once-in-a-generation challenges for families and individuals. Whether it is juggling working from home, Zoom-school, missing loved ones that live far away or experiencing mental struggles from any version of quarantine life - getting a good night’s sleep is perhaps more difficult than ever for many people. Anxiety, stress, lack of socio-emotional contacts, and exercise often make it harder for us to relax, unwind, and find peace at night. But there’s help!

We’ve just launched our unique 60-minute Private Sleep Coaching, specifically tailored to quickly improve sleep during the pandemic. This one-on-one video session is your chance to sit down with Christina Ribel - The Sleep Planner - and get some powerful, but easy to implement tools that you can immediately use to achieve better sleep based on your specific circumstances.

We only have a limited number of 60-minute sessions available, and we are offering them at a hefty discount so that anyone can take advantage of the offer. Enter code OCT20 for 50% off in the checkout process - and book this for only $125 today. This is a unique opportunity to improve your sleep fast, with just one session - and to experience the power of Christina Ribel’s Sleep Plan program at an incredibly wallet-friendly price.

Sweet Dreams.