Passionate about your sleep.

Better sleep can lead to better heart health, stronger memory, increased focus, improved mood, stronger immune defense, healthier skin, better professional and academic performance. It can also help prevent and fight several diseases, including cancer. A personal sleep plan is an incredibly powerful tool to rapidly increase your overall quality of life.

About Christina

Christina Ribel has always been fascinated by sleep as a pathway to better health, both personally and professionally. As a Sleep Advisor for the world's most exclusive mattress brand, she advised hundreds of families on how to create better sleep patterns and routines. Over time - she eventually decided to create her own sleep method - completely unbiased and unconnected to a specific product or brand.


Combining the latest sleep science with age old knowledge and wisdom, she developed The Sleep Plan to help individuals, couples and families reach optimal sleep by following a set of simple to implement tailored steps. 

Christina lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son, and she coaches clients across the globe through video consultations.